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  1. Hello, I am looking at the RF24 library for the Arduino and Im unsure where to connect the pins on the arduino for CE,CSN,SCK,MO,MI,IRQ. Any chance you can lead me to the right direction.

  2. David

    Hi ManiacBug,
    I’ve added float/double support to the iostreams libraries for the AVR uLibc++ you posted on github for the arduino, how can I get these changes to you for you to post on github?
    BTW thanks for the port! I really appreciate it.


    • Cool! The canonical way is to create a fork of my repo,
      Commit your changes to that fork, then create a pull request. All these are well documented on github.

      If that’s too much, you can commit them locally then use git format-patch to create a patch file . Add a new Issue on github and attach the file. Thanks!!

  3. Alexander

    Please tell me if there is experience in building project in the Eclipse?
    I work in Linux.
    The problem with things specific to the Arduino.

  4. Dear Maniacbug,

    I’ve stumbled onto your site because of your internet radio arduino project. I’m working on an art installation that will work by getting several audio recordings from a server and play them back on separate headsets. Considering I don’t have the funds to fully replicate what I did before (Mac Mini running a MAX/MSP script with a MOTU UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid for audio splitting) – I was looking into replicating what you did with the Arduino on Ice post.

    I’m looking for just some guidance on the project to make sure that what I’m doing is possible/cost-effective. @hexxorleiva is my twitter account name if you want to speak as I have a few questions I’d like to ask you.

    Thanks, your blog is greatly appreciated by us enthusiasts that don’t know what they are doing. Keep up the amazing work.

    • Arduino should be able to work, but may have difficulty doing multiple headsets at once, so you might need one Arduino for each headset. See the “Internet Radio” blog post.

      Feel free to post any questions you have as comments in that post.

  5. stanley

    hai maniacbug
    i want to do my project in low power wireless sensor node for that did i use verilog coding it will be possible to use for sensors

  6. raju

    when i build am not getting the image or boot/rootfs content to load on sdcard. Please help. I issued bitbake universe

  7. Hi, two questions around nRF24L01+ modules and arduino
    1. Is there an implementation of using two nRF24L01+ modules and ardunios so that serial port extender or wireless serial link can be estabilised?
    2. Is there a MODBUS Serial implementation over nRF24L01+ and ardunios?

  8. Josh


    I am very interested in what you are doing with your nRF24L01 driver. Is there any chance of it being able to be integrated with contiki-arduino?

    It seems to be one of the cheapest modules going, and I think it would be great if we could get 6LoWPAN working for it.

    I’ve just bought a load of these modules myself, so I’d be interested in helping if it’s at all possible …

    • That would be pretty sweet. My implementation is pretty far away from that, probably by several orders of magnitude of complexity. If you ever make progress on that, please do share it!

  9. Sultan

    Hi maniacbug,

    just wanted to know if there are sensor nodes i can directly plug into my laptop running on windows XP or Windows 7 and read the data without programming the interface etc.

    your help will be appreciated,

  10. Sultan

    I mean a wireless sensor node. like waspmote, TEslosB etc.

  11. Christiaan

    Hi there,

    I’ve ported your nRF24L01+ Arduino library to the mbed platform, I hope that’s ok. Here’s the link:

    It has a few minor issues that I’m sure I’ll solve as development goes along.

    I can take it offline if you wish.


    • Nicely done!

      One issue though. You have put it under the BSD license, which is incompatible with the GPL2 that my library is released under. So as a derivative work, the mbed library should also be GPL2.

  12. Tomy

    Hi I was wondering how to program 24l01 or whether it is even necessary preogramirati. Namely, I want to connect 4 modules together that one minds the rest being transmitted data and receives

  13. mud_weed

    Hi, Not sure you have taken a look at the below link that has potentially found a significant performance issue with your library,148582.0.html

    I can confirm that with the said change it significantly improve the reliability (from about 70% to ~ 98%) but for some unknown reason my Arduinos stop responding after working some random intervals and require resetting. some time after few hours and other times after few minutes. My guess is its memory related. May be you can take a look.


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