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Contiki on Zigduino

Sensor Data Collect with Contiki

I’m looking for something powerful enough to take advantage of the Zigduino hardware, while at the same time open source and supported by an active community. Is that Contiki? Early signs are promising. I have put up a specialized avr-zigduino platform for Contiki, which contains tested and proven code and a Zigduino-specific walk-through to use it.

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Zigduino and ZMAC

Zigduino pair

This week, I got my hands on a pair of Zigduino units. This is Pierce Nichols’ creation of a Arduino on steroids plus a Zigbee-compatible RF radio, all in one unit. From a hardware perspective, this replaces an Arduino, Xbee Shield and Xbee all at once. On top of that, there are a few more advantages: It’s compatable with further shields, unlike normal Xbee shields which don’t allow you to stack. And best of all, it uses the Atmega128RFA1 chip instead of the Atmega328p found on the Uno. This MCU brings 128KB of flash and 16KB of RAM to the party, plus a bunch of other great features for the power user (onboard AES, among others).

The biggest thing it lacks is a ready software stack. Xbee is easy for even the most non-technical user to bring up, which explains its popularity in the Internet community. So this what I’ve been working on, at least the beginnings of it. The most straightforward way to use Zigduino today is to get Atmel’s IEEE 802.15.4 MAC stack implementation of the IEEE 802.15.4 MAC standard. This is an extensible multi-layer stack that makes available the full power of this SoC. The source is available, it’s well-documented, and it comes with exhaustive examples.

What’s the problem? First, the licensing. While the source is available, it includes no redistribution rights, so it’s not something you can hack on and go share your changes. Second, the build system. For someone comfortable with GCC and Gnu Make, all is well. For folks who take comfort in the simplicity of the Arduino IDE, it’s a problem.


ZMAC is my solution to this problem, available at First, you download the Atmel MAC distribution yourself, sign up with Atmel, agree to the license, etc. Then you get ZMAC, and run the fileprep script. This will copy and modify the files as needed to organize them so the Arduino library can pick them up. It will even translate some of the examples into a form that will load and compile and run using the Arduino IDE.

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