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The Camera Machine – Multicam Prototype

The Camera Machine - Multicam V1

Here’s my latest obsession: A clock-driven intervalometer with an LCD interface for both still and video cameras (with remote control!) I call it the ‘Multicam’ board. Its mission is to run all of my camera control software on a single board, plus provide a nice interface to control it.

This has been the most complicated hardware project for me so far, involving two separate PCB’s (one for the system, one for the interface) and fitting into a case.

I’ve just now got the first PCB’s back from iTeadStudio, and brought up the first unit. Now I can start testing it in the real world. Results of those tests and more details on the software will be topics for future posts. For now, the hardware…

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Controlling a Sony A100 DSLR using Arduino

Arduino controlling Sony A100 camera using 2x 4N25's

Sony DSLR cameras have a 3-pin remote port for use with a wired remote. Today, I’ll explore how we can use it to control the camera using our Arduino.

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Skycam Controller for The Last Shuttle Project

rcfisher Skycam Controller

This week, while visiting Los Angeles, I took the opportunity to have breakfast with Robert C. Fisher from The Last Shuttle Project. One neat thing I got to see is pictured above, the hardware used to control the ‘Skycam’ for capturing some cool video footage of the final space shuttle launch last year. Check out the video!

The hardware is a stock Arduino, with a protoshield on top. It features an RTC, status lights, a test switch, a piezo to detect the sound of the launch, and an opto-isolator to trigger focus and shutter lines. All that is protected by a sturdy little Pelican case. Quite a nice compact setup.

To handle the unique timing requirements of this shoot, the board is running an Arduino sketch I wrote, the Camera Controller.

This sketch was my first attempt to write a clock-based camera controller. I learned a bunch of lessons along the way that I’ve since incorporated into the next version.

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