Pandaboard TV Mount

Pandaboard Tiny TV Front View

For my new Pandaboard, I thought it would be nice to have a little 7-inch TV to go along with it. So I got a CoolLCD 619ah miniature TV with HDMI input. Then, I got the great idea to ATTACH the two. The little LCD comes with a VESA 75mm mount. And of course, the Pandaboard has mounting holes. From there, it was simple. In Inkscape, I laid out a 120mm square with holes in the right places, then took the files down for laser-cutting to Metrix Create Space in Seattle.

While I’m at it, I also realized it would be nice to have a protective backing panel so that nothing would bash into the exposed Pandaboard and damage it. And from there, I thought I’d add a little decoration for fun.

Rear View

Here’s the finished product:

Pandaboard Tiny TV Back View

Top View

From the top…

Pandaboard Tiny TV Top View

Metrix Create Space

Here’s the space at Metrix Create Space where we do the laser cutting. This is actually the little cutter, the big guy is much much larger.

Metrix Create Space Laser Cutter

Laser Cutter In Action

Here’s the laser doing its thing:

Laser Cutter at Work

Laser Cutter Files

Tiny TV Backplate Tiny TV Logo

The original SVG files are available on Tiny TV Logo.svg and Tiny TV Backplate.svg.


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