Mouser sent me a catalog!

Mouser Catalog

With my last order, I just passed $350 in orders, which must be the magic threshold, because they sent me a huge paper catalog. This thing is BIG. The biggest catalog I’ve ever seen. It’s bigger than the phone books we used to get back in the day (remember those?).

I thought this would be a good time to reflect on what I love about Mouser.


Same day shipping plus $5 Fedex ground shipping means “Order on Monday get it on Friday,” just in time to play with it on the weekend!


Ridiculous selection. Overwhelming selection. They’ve got it all, the only hard part is deciding which parts to get. The Adafruit Part Finder is helpful for this.


Almost always lower than Sparkfun, or local in-person retailers (of course), and usually similar to Jameco.


  • “BOM Import” tool makes ordering simple, just paste in the BOM from a project, and hit ‘go’.
  • “Project Manager” lets me keep lists of parts, and add them all to an order at once.
  • “Part History” shows me everything I’ve ever ordered to easily remember (e.g.) which diodes am I using


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2 responses to “Mouser sent me a catalog!

  1. Craig

    I got one, only having ordered about $10 worth from them ever.

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